RockitStream  provides a direct to consumer and corporate White Label mobile video distribution platform, a Telco-grade Cloud infrastructure and managed hosting partner.


RockitStream  provides the opportunity to develop a customised Mobile TV Network, designed to offer a range of direct to consumer mobile video channels. The RockitStream platform provides integration into payment gateways allowing the monetisation of video content.


The benefits include a rich, engaging communication experience for employees and consumers alike. Is not reliant on any particular software to run – and can play on a phone’s native player, on a mobi site, or inside a mobile app.

 We have the unique ability to reverse bill video content across all mobile networks. This allows brands to subsidise the delivery of branded mobile video content to employees and consumers


LiveStream Events Announcements

To Staff, Stakeholders, Media and Customers. Available as VoD thereafter.

Consumer Channels

Custom video messaging per segment stand alone or integrated into owned digital platforms.

Staff Channels

Custom video messaging per operating division stand alone or integrated into existing staff platforms.

Rockit Blasts

To Staff, Stakeholders, Media and Consumers Promotional messages,Time Sensitive & Critical Messaging VMS Messages can link back to owned digital platforms.

Citizen Journalism

Engaging Staff and Consumers White Label PockitEYE App can be used for internal comms initiatives
and customer.