Content Aggregator

PockitTV is Africa’s first short form mobile video platform aimed at providing consumers

with an alternative video viewing experience that is able to be viewed anywhere anytime.


PockitTV  provides a rich mixture of video on demand content and live content to the consumers and features a mixture of Music, Sport, News and Entertainment content.


PockitTV is uniquely African for an African audience. Our aim is provide all African’s with

access to the best in African video content.


PockitTV Originals are PockitTV's own short form content video offerings. Pockitv Orginals provides hyper local short form video content for consumers. Our first original PockitTV offerings include:

  • Urban TV
  • Urban Rooftops
  • Urban City
  • VR Interview
  • INVR
  • BalconyTV
  • inRooms
  • Spindle Mag (in Partnership with Tha Cutt)


Content Production


Mobile Video Production Services

  • Utilizng mobile solutions we provide clients with the tools to create mobile video content at a fraction of traditional video production costs.
  • New digital video innovative tools
  • 360 Video Production
  • Multicam mobile livestreaming
  • Multicam mobile video production



Airtime Sales

Mobile marketing solutions across PockitTV Premium Channels.

  • Mobile Banners Ads
  • Video Banners Ads
  •  Image Banner Ads
  •  Top and Tail of videos
  •  Video over lay




UGC Reporter App

 SSTREAMM has a unique UGC “reporter app” for iPhone and Android called ‘PockitEye’. This app or mobi plugin allows registered users the ability to either contribute to a livestream from wherever they are, or to upload pre-recorded video and audio content directly into our video platform. Once ingested this content is moderated, published and managed through our mobile CDN.